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  City Wichita Falls , TX
  Zip Code 76301
  Address 1314 Kell Boulv
  Phone Number (940) 692-9596

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Somewhat affordable siding.
  • Not user friendly.

We hired Arrowhead Roofing & Siding Company of Wichita Falls, TX to put siding on our home which we took out a home equity loan for based on the written estimate issued by the owner of the company. The office personnel hollered & barked orders at me over the phone for me to get my physically disabled husband to go help the siding workers due to the workers' constant complaining! Arrowhead billed us $1,200 MORE than they said they would based upon the verbal & written agreement & the lady in the office even told us to go add $1,000 to $2,000 MORE to our home equity loan after we already started making payments on it & when we told her we already started the payments, our loan officer would not add any more money to it & doing so would make our payments go up to an unnafordable rate, she started hollering & threating to put a lien on our home even though the siding job wasn't even halfway finished yet! They charged us more based on the alleged $1,000 worth of lumber & unnecessarily replacing more lumber than needed even though it was to be understood that the estimate was for ALL labor & materials involved! There was NO way that they put $1,000 worth of lumber on our house, my husband used to work for Payless Cashways & Lowes hauling lumber! The workers came & got MOST of the lumber to use on ANOTHER siding job a few blocks away from us! We should NOT have to pay for materials that are used on OTHER peoples' houses! The workers didn't work weekends which is fine, but they also took 4 weekdays off without notifying anyone because 1 of the guys had to court for something that usually only takes a couple of hours & they only worked a couple of hours a day on the days they did show up. They kept complaining & saying they "went above & beyond" & when asked to correct shoddy work they said no, because they already did more than they wanted to! They even made us spend $1,600 in addition to the siding bill to replace posts & hire an electrician because the workers didn't want to put siding on the back eave of our house & used wiring (which we've NEVER gotten a code violation for in all our yrs. at this residence) as an excuse. They even admitted to putting siding on houses with much worse wiring than ours! $500 of that additional $1,600 was used to replace posts on our back porch as the workers said they'd do it if we bought the treated posts & brackets & we did, but then the lady at Arrowhead called us to say she was going to charge an EXTRA $125 A POST if the siding workers installed them so we hired someone else to do it instead! We had to pay the electrician overtime to come out on a Saturday so that the wiring would be squared away by Monday but the siding workers didn't show up that Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, they showed up for a couple of hrs. on Thursday but didn't show up that following Friday, again, without telling anyone & they knew that our outside dogs had to be displaced for the duration of this siding ordeal! Arrowhead also didn't order enough materials to finish our small 1,200-1,300 sq ft home so we had to wait for the remaining materials to come in so they could finish covering our porch ceilings which, they tried to get out of doing even though it was understood that ALL the exterior wood of our home was to be covered. We honestly thought about firing Arrowhead, having them remove all their siding & alleged $1,000 worth of lumber off our house & hiring another company instead. Prior to the siding, we've hired Arrowhead for our gutters & our roof (even though the shingles NEVER DID lay flat like we were told they would) but after this siding ordeal, we'll NEVER hire Arrowhead for anything ever again & will NOT reccomend them to anyone!

Value for moneyBe prepared to be charged more than you think.
Service & supportUnwilling to work, complains alot, disregard for customer satisfaction
QualityLots of seams & bowed out places in siding.
Overall ratingFair