Metal Garage Door Repair in Baytown TX provides the leading services for garage door repairs around the metropolitan area, which comprises of Sugar Land, The Woodland, and Houston. We can also provide you with services if youíre from Chambers Country or Harris County.

Our many loyal and happy customers can vouch for the quality of our garage door repair Baytown TX services. We have the best staff and equipment, so if youíre looking for someone to repair your garage door, then you can rely on us to provide you with quality service.

We respond quickly to your needs, as we know and understand that some of these situations can call for an emergency. A faulty garage door opener can lead to personal injuries, property damage, or an interruption in your daily schedule. It can also lead to your propertyís security being compromised. With a garage door thatís not working properly, youíre bound to get stressed out and not have the peace of mind until itís fixed.

Well, whatever your problem is, we will be sure to address them as quickly as possibly. We will ensure your safety and security. We will also ensure that your daily activities are not interrupted.

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  City Baytown , TX
  Zip Code 77521
  Address 1623 Manor Dr.
  Phone Number (832) 572-3012

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Sick of your garage door making that rusty sound every time you open it? Having a hard time closing it because of rusty rollers? Then maybe it's time for a new garage door installation. An outdated and damaged garage door won't be remedied with repairs and replacement. Installation is necessary for your security, as well as the security of your property and your family. We provide the best installation services here in Garage Door Repair Baytown. We have the team, the tools, and the resources. First thing to consider is choosing the type of garage door you want. Prior to this step, consider the dimension and measurement of your garage entrance. You can choose between single panel and sectional.

Both types have their edge. The single panel costs a lot cheaper because it is made up of fewer parts. The repair and replacement cost is also cheaper. You may choose the material you want to use for the garage door parts like the panels, rollers, and tracks. The biggest difference between the single and sectional is this: the single panel is installed with extension springs. These springs are easy to break and to be covered with rust. This means that the garage door cycle won't last that long. However, there is a way to resolve this problem and that is regular maintenance. You can commission our services and observe your extension springs and other parts that are in need of replacement.


Gone are the days when you have to endure unreasonable garage door repair costs, thanks to the expertise of a dependable company like us, particularly when it comes to delivering garage door services in the highest quality spectrum. A lot of years have passed, and the company never failed to cover the needs of their customers regardless of what these may be. This is the reason why we always receive highly esteemed reviews and comments from them. We can also offer you a well-diversified selection of garage door services to give you peace of mind. Do get in touch with us now.

We can be your one-stop solution when you need either garage door repairs or installation services. Our company has already spent a number of years in this type of business, so there is no denying the fact that our professional team is already adept at carrying out all affordable garage door repairs. Aside from the numerous selections of garage door types, we have also piled up a handful of residential and commercial services to accommodate your exact needs. With our unmatched expertise in garage door repair, feel free to call us. Expect reliable help from our professional team.

Customer Testimonials

Customer service is important to me. I appreciate it whenever a company or service provider goes out of their way to provide great customer service. Well, this company definitely never failed to do that! They were courteous and polite and made sure that all of my needs were met. A couple of the repair guys even made some additional fixes that weren't part of what I was asking them to do. They were just small things and really minor fixes, but I really appreciated the concern and thoughtfulness! I surely felt better and lighter during and after their service. I even forgot how upset I was that my garage door was damaged because of my son and his friends were playing in it.

This company provided me with great service in the repair of my garage. There's definitely nothing I can complain about in the way they conducted themselves, they way they immediately showed their credentials, and the way they fixed my garage door. However, I must also commend the customer service people I got to talk t on the phone when I asked for someone to fix my garage. My son is usually the one who takes care of these things as I know nothing about garages and garage doors. However, he was away so I had to attend to this myself. That said, I was very glad and relieved with the way the person at the other end of the line patiently tried to understand what my concern was and what kind of service I needed. For an old granny like me, such empathy is really appreciated!

I had fun having these guys over to fix my garage door. They did an awesome job fixing it, and they came just when they said they would. But I also had a great time chatting with them. We talked a lot about garage doors and cars, which are passions of mine. I even picked out a pointer or two from them. They taught me some tips, which I could use to ensure that my garage door is well maintained. Now that's added value! They were definitely friendly guys, and I sure wouldn't hesitate to call on this company again should I need such service again. They not only made me feel like a valued customer; they made me feel like a close friend!