Your garage is an important component of your home. A beautiful garage can make your home look amazing. In businesses, a broken garage can affect the profitability and efficiency of your operation. At Simple Garage Door Repair, we understand the importance of your garages. You can trust that we will provide exception service customized to meet your needs. We can do the installation, repairs, and maintenance services.

Residential Garage Doors. Your garage is a huge part of the way your home looks and feels. When you choose the right design for you home, you’ll be adding to your home’s curb appeal. You’d enhance the overall value of your home. You will find what you need when you choose to hire our service. No matter what you need, we can provide you with a large selection to help you make the right choice.

Commercial Garage Doors. Your business may require a loading dock, warehouse, or facility with accessible, sturdy, and durable garage door that can withstand the demands of the daily operations of your business. We can assist with the installation and repairs of coiling, mega, rolling steel, and industrial doors from the best brands. We can ensure the toughness and durability of your garage doors.

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  City Texas City , TX
  Zip Code 77590
  Address 1117 14th Ave N
  Phone Number (409) 908-3035

Products & Services

Repair and Installation

Your garage is the largest moving component of your home. It is more than just a door. It is tricky to install and repair. It should be handled by experts and only with care. Whether you need to have your garage doors repaired to prevent further damage or installed, we can provide the best service. After inspecting your property and diagnosing the problem, we will be able to provide you with a solution to your garage problem.

Repair and installation can cost a lot of money, so you want the experts to handle the job for you.
No job is too small or too big for us.
We provide our clients with top-notch quality service. We won’t compromise quality. It is our top priority.
We offer excellent service at reasonable costs.

We can help you with commercial or residential garaged door services, repairs, and parts. We can fix or replace springs, cables, rollers, door sections, hinges, tracks, safety sensors, entries, transmitters, programming, and adjustments. When you experience garage issues at home or business, this can slow down your productivity. Ensure the best service and value to your money. Contact us now and allow us to install a top-notch quality door into your home or business. We are available 24/7 so you can get in touch with us anytime you need us.


Simple’s maintenance service has been proven and tested to be efficient. The property crime in the city lowered and the number of criminals declined. We also care about your financial security so the price rate of our services are affordable and reasonable. Commissioning our services is money well spent. We make use of all our resources, man power, and machinery to maintain the high standard of our maintenance services.

Customer Testimonials

I’m amazed at the promptness and the quality of service that Garage Door Repair Company gave to me. A spring in my garage door snapped. I immediately called them and in no time, they were able to send their service team to have a look at my garage door. The team was very professional and very courteous to me and my husband which something that we really for in service oriented companies. They gave their analysis and how much the service and part would cost. Their honesty is one of the things that we definitely appreciate. In a couple of hours, they were able to replace the spring. This is one company that we know we will call if ever the need arises again in the future.

Having been working in a service oriented company for the past nine years, I know what is a good service company from one that cannot deliver the goods they promise. This company I have to say is one of the most professional and dependable company that I have ever called to do some repairs on my garage door. With our door being decades old now, we knew that it was bound to have repairs done on it. However, with the proper maintenance that this company has given us, repairs have come far and between from what we expected. And recently we got an upgrade from them and they were very honest when it comes to what we are going to get and every expectation we had was met.

The service that I got from this company got me floored. They were great. First of all they were on the dot when it came to the time of the appointment. Second, the repairman never pushed me into getting an up sell of their services. Next is that the he actually took the time to answer all of my questions. Lastly, he took a detailed look into the problems my garage door had and explained to me what happened and what kind of service needs to be done to have it fixed. In my opinion, his attention to detail was second to none. Lastly, before he went, he gave my door a one-around look to see if everything is working right without asking for extra.

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