With the high cost of home heating fuel this winter in the Buffalo, NY area, consumers are looking for ways to save. Energy saving Replacement Windows are a perfect choice, since the government believes that 40% of heat loss in the home is related to windows.

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  City Buffalo , NY
  Zip Code 14226
  Address 4223 Harlem Road
  Phone Number (716) 839-0515

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Poor craftmanship, tardy on worksite, takes too long, mis-sized windows, product not as specified

John asked for 50% of the deposit up front and was 30 days out in regards to being able to install our windows. I was a little weary of this as this was unusual. Ok, so I agreed to have him send me an invoice and pay the 50%. September 26th and 27th were our scheduled days for our install. He was late both days! 30-45 minutes late. On the first day, he started in the back of the house. After an hour, he had his buddy Ethan come over. Ethan was the only one that assisted throughout the project. So John would start a window and Ethan would come in after and finish. It was very strange. After about another hour, John came up to us and stated that 3 windows were mis-sized and would have to be reordered. Um, ok, discount? I didn’t ask for a discount, but asked him the anticipated time frame and he said it would be about two weeks! He then came up with excuses to say that it was the secretary that messed up the order.

I then asked him if there was any way to have it rushed or expedited as this was inconvenient for us. He suggested it would be an additional $75 to expedite the windows. I asked if there was anyone that I could talk to get this taken care of and he said that he would take care of it. We thought that was strange. By the way John ordered our windows through Alside Windows. I also found out the Obscure glass we ordered for the bathroom window wasn’t ordered and that was also going to take another two weeks. After they left on day one, I went around and looked at all the windows. They looked really great until you looked up close! The original wood frames we had around all our windows have been chipped or nailed in wrong. They are bumped up or raised and no longer flat. Some of the windows don’t lock that easily as the window frame is uneven. The wood trim at the bottom of the picture windows had to be covered up with cheap looking wood that now needs to be sanded and stained with some sort of finish that is similar to the original wood. Ok, since they were coming back the next day, maybe all this will be fixed?

The night before we allowed them to keep their tools in our garage so they could start right away. They continued on the windows for the rest of the day. John then comes in later in the day stating that he didn’t have his ladder to get up to the second floor of the house to finish the windows and that he was so frustrated that he just couldn’t work anymore and would have to leave for the day and come back on Monday. Well, I should have looked at their work progress during the “construction” because the windows were left with gaping gaps around them with bits and pieces of insulation not even in the framing! I couldn’t believe it! So, I’m like ok, they are coming back on Monday. Nothing else was fixed that was mentioned previously, but I was going to wait until it was finished on Monday. Also, the other thing that irritated me about John was the fact that he always had excuses and kept saying “this has never happened before, sorry”.

Take responsibility for your actions. I have never seen anyone that’s been in a business for this long to not know or anticipate certain job needs or costs!! Third day, he is late again. He comes in and asks me if they left the tall ladder in my garage from over the weekend. I said no and he still proceeded to ask to open my garage to look….. Well, it wasn’t there! He then made a mention that it must have been stolen from his truck. John then comes in to ask me for half the final payment that would be due at job completion!!! I said no. 30 minutes later he comes in and says they are done and that he will call me Tuesday with an update on my windows he still owes me. I waited almost a week and a half with no word from John. I paid for 12 windows with accidental window breakage and nothing! Please do not let John or Windows4Buffalo do your windows as you will only get some of your windows installed, the installation is subpar, and he will run off with your money!!!

Value for moneyHe was the best price match
Service & supportHorrible
LocationThere is no
Overall ratingFair